Beddown’s Idea to Tackle Homelessness

Homeless people struggling to survive in the streets are a big problem in all countries of the world. Illness and unemployment are some of the many reasons people lose their homes and start living on the streets. These people cannot work because they are neglected and sick, and cannot find money to go to the doctor, that is, they live in a vicious cycle. These people, who have nowhere to go, struggle to survive in the beds they make out of cardboard boxes and newspapers, in nooks and crannies. They long for a hot food and a few items of clean clothing. A charity organization in another corner of the world has decided to reach out to these people.

Seeing the horrible living conditions of homeless people, the Australian charity Beddown decided to help these people. They thought of turning unused, protected areas such as parking lots into shelters for these people. Meeting with the authorities of the biggest parking lot in Brisbane, Secure Parking, the volunteers of the organization reached an agreement for a 2-week trial period and got to work.

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We believe everyone deserves a bed to sleep in.

Help Beddown provide rest and shelter to more people on the street by donating a mattress or becoming a volunteer.

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