Parking lot with beds at night for the homeless

Putting beds for the homeless in parking lots

A parking lot in Australia was turned into a safe haven for the homeless by an Australian foundation.

At night, people on the street face many threats, ranging from physical harm to the possibility of being attacked. They are stressed and depressed as a result of this confusion.

As a result, Beddown approached the operator and put beds in a public parking lot in Brisbane, Australia, to convert it into a safe place for the homeless to spend the night.

When the parking lot closes for the night, the members of the foundation set up pillows, blankets, and duvets.

The homeless can use the parking lot’s showers and toilets, as well as receive care from stylists, physicians, and dentists.

“We seek to give them a comfortable space so that they can have a good night. It is our purpose. We hope to have a great impact”, pointed out the creators of this initiative.

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