The Parking Lot Where They Put Beds at Night for the Homeless

Parking Space Turned into a Shelter at Night - Homeless Charities - Beddown

The homeless have many risks, not only for their health, but also the fact that someone can attack them while they sleep on the street. In addition, not having a safe place causes depression and stress, for example.

Knowing this and wanting to help, the Australian organisation Beddown had an excellent idea: to transform a parking lot into a safe place for those who need it. Sure, it has to be at night so there are no car movements. That is how they made contact with the operator called ‘Secure Parking’. Upon reaching an agreement, they launched a test in Brisbane.

Read the full article from Rayas Today by clicking below.

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We believe everyone deserves a bed to sleep in.

Help Beddown provide rest and shelter to more people on the street by donating a mattress or becoming a volunteer.

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