Placing Beds in Carparks at Night for the Homeless

The homeless face numerous dangers, including not only their wellbeing but also the possibility of being attacked while sleeping on the ground.

Furthermore, not having a safe place can lead to depression and stress.

Knowing this and wanting to help, Beddown, an Australian organisation, came up with a brilliant idea: transform a parking lot into a safe haven for those in need.

That’s how they got in touch with the ‘Safe Parking’ operator. They started a test in Brisbane after they reached an agreement.

Beds with sheets, pillows, and duvets were put in a parking lot that was not used at night. Not only that, but the foundation also provides them with new clothing as well as medical, dental, and stylist services.

Furthermore, they are allowed to use the public parking lot’s restrooms and showers.

“We seek to give them a comfortable space so that they can have a good night. It is our purpose. We hope to have a big impact, ”said the creators of Bedddown.

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