What is the Shed Your Bed Challenge

     The Shed Your Bed challenge is an event which runs on World Homeless Day 10th October where we set the challenge to as many people to go without a Bed to raise awareness of homelessness and to support Beddown in the critical work they do.

The Shed Your Bed event is an initiative started by Wolter Consulting Group in 2020. One of Wolter Consulting Groups company core values is Citizenship. Beddown personifies the citizenship core value and became the team’s charity of choice in 2019.

Beddown resonated with us because we work in the residential development space. We saw firsthand the positivity and sustainability of repurposing under utilised spaces in our City, that are otherwise left empty for certain times of the day or night. Ultimately, we wanted to find a way that we could contribute and make a real difference. We share the values of Beddown, particularly that everyone deserves a bed to sleep in”.

It is important everyone at Wolter Consulting Group can be involved in supporting Beddown’s mission. So in addition to volunteering, providing town planning advice and participating on the Board, our team came up with this fundraising drive for World Homeless Day. The challenge can easily be shared with our families, friends and colleagues.


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