Our Volunteers are not just Volunteers, they are Heroes

Become a Homeless Shelter Volunteer

Sleep, something we all take for granted but for our vulnerable it’s extremely difficult to sleep when you are faced with life on the street.

Our Volunteers have one of the most important jobs at Beddown – creating an environment which is welcoming, safe, secure and comfortable for our guests to get a great night’s sleep.

This is important to us as we look to repair the quality of life of our guests and look to make a positive impact on their lives.

It’s more than just sleep! Connecting with our guests through talking, listening and looking for opportunities to help them build a life of quality is life changing.

If you want to be involved in changing lives, we would love to have you on board, it will change your life too.

Our volunteers are not just volunteers, they are Heroes.

We are looking for heroes to fill a number of different hero roles, see below for some of the roles we are looking for:

  • Set up & Check In
  • Overnight
  • Pack up & Check Out
  • Services Scheduling
  • Volunteer Scheduling

We are currently revising our volunteer positions. Check back soon for more information on how to register for exciting new opportunities.