We want to provide a good night sleep for vulnerable people

How it All Began

After being made redundant from his last senior role which was within a Not for Profit organisation. Norm started looking into the homeless issue here in Australia, he noticed from his research it was getting worse and not getting any better.

Being personally impacted by homelessness he specifically wanted to target those who sleep rough around Australia, it shocked him to find out that there are over 8,000 vulnerable people who sleep rough every night across Australia, that’s people that have to sleep on the street, on benches and under bridges. In 2019 and in Australia a first world country he didn’t want to accept this.

However, Norm did not want to replicate and duplicate the many great services that are currently being provided. If he was going to do this and make a meaningful impact, it had to different and it had to be something new.

“I want to impact as many people as possible and together with your help we really can make a difference”
Norman McGillivray

The lightbulb moment came when Norm went to a local shopping centre and noticed that when he parked there the car park was nearly empty, the idea was instant as he saw the potential in utilising the space, especially at night when car parks are empty and vacant. This was the beginning of a journey to transform many empty spaces into temporary accommodation to help those who are rough sleeping access a safe, secure, shelter to access services and a great nights sleep.